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Bright Futures and PEF Scholarships

Bright Futures Scholarship Program & Polk Education Foundation Scholarships (PEF)

Bright Futures Scholarship Program:


Polk Education Foundation Scholarships:
The scholarship page with information and application can be found at https://polkschoolsfl.com/pef/scholarships/.  Below are links to important PEF information:

1.     Directions

2020 Scholarship Application Directions

2.     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2020 FAQs Polk Education Foundation Scholarships

3.     Helpful Hints

2020 Hints PEF scholarship

4.    List of Awards/Scholarships Offered

2020 Scholarships Offered Published

The list of awards provides a “Countywide” list and then it lists individual schools that have donor sponsored awards. Students should read each to see what applies to them.

Students must read all directions, FAQs, Hints etc. BEFORE they start the application. As in years past, students may start an application and should save each page as they work.  They can save an application and go back to work on it as many times as they like before the deadline.  They should not hit “submit” until they are COMPLETE with all.  That means they have proofed all for accuracy, made sure all requirements have been addressed etc.  Once “submitted”, the application is no longer available for them to make changes or add to.

If you do not see a scholarship that you saw on the list of available awards, this means the system has screened you out because you do not meet at least one part of the criteria.  You can go back and compare your personal information to the criteria to figure out what that factor was.

Please report any issues to Ms. Bazunu (antoinette.bazunu@polk-fl.net) immediately so that she can help get them worked out as soon as possible.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION. The deadline for online submissions is noon on Thursday February 13. 2020, no exceptions.

You must print out your completed application, SAR (FAFSA Report), and any additional documents (if applicable). You must then turn in everything to Ms. Bazunu, she is in the guidance office. Only she can submit all the applications to the PEF office. Your materials are due to Ms. Bazunu by Tuesday February 18, 2020, no exceptions.